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What is German-Italian Fusion Food? - October 20, 2020

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Franchettis’ Restaurant Brings German-Italian Fusion to Santa Rosa

One of the best ways to experience a culture is through the traditional food the people eat every day. And for many, the true experience is being able to share this food with friends and family near and far.

This love for cooking traditional recipes and sharing flavors from different regions of the world is exactly why Franchettis’ Restaurant is here today. Join us at Franchettis’ Restaurant in Santa Rosa and experience the cultural fusion of German-Italian cuisine and all the joys it has to offer.

The Tradition of German-Italian Fusion Food

The menu at Franchettis’ is inspired by the Alto Adige region in Italy, where you will find the perfect marriage of traditional Italian and German cuisine. 

Traditional Alto Adige cooking draws as heavily from its ts Italian heritage as it does from its Germanic roots. Over many generations, the residents of this autonomous region in Italy have created a unique blend of the two cuisines. These dishes are typically hearty and incorporate seasonal ingredients available in the region. German Goulash is commonly served with Italian cornmeal polenta. And wood-fire pizza and Italian pasta will be found on the same menu as fermented German sauerkraut.

Traditional German Cuisine at Franchettis’

Traditional German cuisine is rich, hearty, and of course extremely delicious. German food also differs widely during different times of the year depending on what ingredients are in season. In fact, the secret to truly capture the unique flavors of traditional German dishes is using fresh ingredients. 

At Franchettis’, our German-style dishes are always prepared with the freshest seasonal vegetables, spices, and meats available in Sonoma County.

German Bauernfrühstück “Wood Fire Hash”

The term Bauernfrühstück is the combination of the two German words, ‘Bauer’ meaning ‘farmer’ and ‘Frühstück’ which translates to ‘breakfast’. Despite the name, Bauernfrühstück is commonly eaten for lunch, dinner, and of course breakfast. The origin of the dish is considered to be from rural areas in Germany and is made with locally harvested vegetables and meats that are in season at the time.

At Franchettiis’ we use fresh Herbaceous roasted potatoes, bell peppers, sweet roasted onions, and mushrooms to create this warm German dish. It is served with creamy mozzarella cheese, one egg sunny side up, and tender meats. This hearty dish is finished off in our wood fire oven and served in a hot skillet. 

Traditional Italian Cuisine at Franchettis’

Our Italian dishes are deeply rooted in the traditions of Italian culture. These recipes are often passed down between generations and are well-loved for their authentic origins. Italy is rich in farmland making traditional cuisine synonymous with fresh herbs, and ripe vegetables. Being surrounded by the sea allows many regions of the county access to wild-caught seafood year-round. 

Similarly in the Franchettis’ kitchen, our Italian dishes are created with the freshest seasonal ingredients available locally in Sonoma County. 

Wood Fire-Pizza from Naples, Italy
A true Naples pizza is thin, crispy, and baked to perfection in a wood fire oven. The secret to the perfect pizza dough is found in the simple mix of flour, water, salt, and yeast that is left to ferment for three days. 

You won’t find authentic Naples woodfired pizza like ours anywhere else in Sonoma County. At Franchettis’ our dough and tomato sauce recipes are top secret and create a culinary experience you won’t soon forget. 

Enjoy German-Italian Fusion Cuisine at Franchettis’ Restaurant in Santa Rosa

Are you ready to try German-Italian fusion cuisine for yourself? The most difficult thing about the menu is it’s impossible to try everything in one sitting! Take a tour around the world and enjoy the Franchettis’ German-Italian fusion fare today! Join us on the patio for Lunch, Dinner, and Sunday Brunch.

You can also order for pick-up online, or delivery from DoorDash.