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Welcome to Pizza + Strudel and Schnitzel with Noodles these are a few of our favorite things. German Beers from crisp Pilsner to rich Dunkels. Wine from the Pfalz the Rheinland and Alto Adige. Life is good.

We opened this location on North Dutton with an Italian Menu. We took our pizza craft very seriously, traveled numerous times to Napels the birthplace of of pizza napolitana and getting certified in LA for the aspiring VPN (Verano Pizza Napoletana) requirements. The Standard for Neapolitan pizza. 

It has become a wonderful warm family friendly restaurant and neighborhood spot to experience super delicious comfort food. 

The place is Filled with Pizza and Brunch aficionados and German Food and Beer lovers. 

We invite you to experience our Hospitality and Germutlichkeit! Prost!

Gesine’s roots started in and around Stuttgart, Germany is known for Schnitzel, Spatzle, Potato Salat, and all things Pretzel. Gesine comes from a German family with a tradition in restaurants. John Franchetti, a third-generation Sonoma County native, met Gesine in Anchorage, Alaska over a bowl of black bean soup. For John, it was love at first sight, and eventually, together, they partnered in life and the restaurant scene, wanting to share their love for hospitality, and the quality of food they both love. His formal training and experience in New Orleans with Emeril Lagasse, add to the little surprises in his flavors. Gesine brings countless years of restaurant and catering management and John brings out the amazing flavors in their food.