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Festive, contemporary eatery featuring wood-fired pizzas, German cuisine, Italian pasta, and eclectic entrees.

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Celebrating Good Food, the Franchetti’s way.

The food you will experience is Italian, German, and French inspired fare that changes with the seasons.

John and Gesine established Franchettis’ during Mardi Gras of 2016. John Franchetti, a third generation Sonoma County native, met and married Gesine in Anchorage, Alaska. Gesine comes from a German family with a tradition in restaurants. Together, they partnered in life and the restaurant scene. His formal training and experience in New Orleans with Emeril Lagasse, adds to the little surprises in his flavors. Gesine brings countless years of restaurant and catering management and John brings out the amazing flavors in their food.

Their vision of a casual eatery serving high-quality food has many people surprised. “You just don’t get food like this in a setting like this” is the comment heard most. They create simple food with minimal ingredients. This is how they like to eat and entertain themselves. Good wine, beer, and cocktails will perfectly round out your dining experience.

Franchettis' Owners, John and Gesine
John “The Pizza God” and Gesine Franchetti

I guess it's been awhile since I visited Franchetti's, but I will be coming back more regularly. Did you know the menu is both Italian AND German? Like,... Continue Reading

Jeanine M.