tasty co starz drop off style winter 2016.2017
additional items or if order individual, all side dishes 5.50 per person
CAULIFLOWER mac’n cheese
PASTA POMODORO, rich tomato sauce w/roasted garlic + basil
RAVIOLI w/spinach + cheese, seasonal gusto and beurre blanc
FINGERLING POTATOES, roasted, w/green onions + soft herbs.
SOFT POLENTA w/mascarpone + rosemary, localy grown + milled, at Tierra Farm
MASHED POTATO + cauliflower gratin
YAM, coins, roasted apples, and whole roasted garlic, herbs, Calabrian chilli
POTATOES, bell peppers, roasted onions and roasted mushrooms
FINGERLINGS, cauliflower, mushrooms whole garlic cloves,
VEGETABLES, wood oven roasted and charred
Cauliflower steaks w/lemon herb sauce
Cauliflower gratin, florets + black olives + bread crumbs + olive oil
Roasted Green Beans with diced dates, garlic and rosemary, marcona almonds
Roasted caramelized winter squash
Spiced Roasted root vegetables, carrots + parsnips + rutabaga, caramelized, cumin +
Sweet Heat, roasted Brussels sprouts w/apples, honey + walnuts
Cauliflower gratin, florets + black olives + bread crumbs + olive oil
THE BLUE CHOPP, Spinach, Iceberg + Radicchio, thinly sliced red onions + bacon, green
beans, housemade blue cheese dressing
THE KALE CHOPP, Romaine + Kale, walnuts, feta cheese, avocado, honey tabasco vinaigrette.
JUST GREENS, Arugula, sliced cucumbers, shaved parmigiano reggiano, lemon vinaigrette,
lemon oil
MISTA, mixed as picked by the farmer, shaved fennel, toasted pine nuts, shaved parmesan,
balsamic vinaigrette
CAESAR, classic w/ Romaine lettuce, creamy lemon anchovy dressing + Calabrian chili paste
THE APPLE Salad, mixed as picked by the farmer, celery, apples, apple vinaigrette, toasted
BEET SALAD, layered with roasted marinated beets, caramelized and roasted onions, carrots
+ parsnips, feta cheese, lemon and orange oil, horseradish cream.
QUINOA and KALE, dense grain + kale salad, lemon vinaigrette, sweet potato fried ribbons
and feta cheese layering